PSFK visited the latest reality-bending performance-art piece, Fuerzabruta (“Brute Force”) this past weekend – and we were absolutely blown away. By the creators of the stunt-filled De La Guarda, this is the latest addition to co-creator, Diqui James’ arsenal of experimental sound and visuals.

Mesmerizing effects included a business-suited trio running atop a blindingly fast raised-treadmill through break-away walls, and acrobats jumping & swinging on a moth-like wing suspended in mid-air. Set to rave-like house-music, the stunning effects were topped off by a massive transparent Mylar pool filled with water and swimmers, descending from the forty-foot ceiling to within arms length of the audience. Tough to comprehend, even tougher to write about, yet highly recommended to our New York/jet-set-based audience.

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