In Brief

If you want to know what the kids are up to, who do you ask? Miss Ruby Pseudo of course. For a long while, PSFK has been fans of Ruby's blog where she interviews the youth about their lives and lifestyles. We dropped the trend-spotter-extrordinaire a line to get a read on the youth, their brands and her adventures.

Orange, as a phone brand, are offering services that appeal to the consumer too and are helping them out on their terms, on their turfs, that’s what they want… it would probably be easier to say which brands are getting it wrong than what brands are getting it right…

Selfridges as a department store seem up to date with ‘what the kids’ are up to, their Future Punk exhibition was a good example of this… I don’t know, look at what some of the musuems are doing, weirdly, they’re attracting kids at a rate of knots, bringing in great conversations, late nights and maverick things to muse upon…

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