Here’s a summary of the notes I prepared for the Brand Licensing 2007 panel I spoke on. Not too sure how it went down, everyone made a bee-line for everyone else at the end. Maybe I talk about stuff people don't want to hear...

Take a cue from American Apparel. Its tag line is ‘Made In Downtown LA’ but behind the brand are modern business practices that weave a story about the brand (visibly and invisibly) – local production, ethical staffing, organic sourcing, issue conscious and great products. There’s a perception in licensing in particular that packaging needs to be big to command a higher price. Look at AA – they sell a bright T-shirt on a hanger for a premium price – no packaging necessary.

Take cues from companies like Patagonia who recycle and reuse. Their ‘recycle your underwear’ campaign brings fun to a serious development in their business.

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