Many of us do our best to donate our old clothes when purging our closets at the end of a season, and still others do their part by shopping at used or vintage clothing stores. But still, thousands of pounds of clothes a year end up in garbage dumps, never to be worn again. In fact, even at Goodwill, the necessary policy is that any item left on the floor after 30 days is automatically tossed into the discard bin, regardless of its condition.

But a new project/fashion line called William Good, the brainchild of Joe Boxer founder Nick Graham, is turning Goodwill rubbish into hipster gold. William Good clothes are made entirely out of discarded Goodwill garments, re-cut, re-fashioned, and re-imagined as one-of-a-kind items. The line will be sold at boutique-like pop-up shops within Goodwill stores, starting first with a pilot run in a San Francisco store.

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