In Brief

The concept is to create 'go to meals' for each restaurant of your choice and mark them with a code (e.g, 1). Then when you get home after a night with the boys, you just text GoMobo with the code and an order is placed to deliver at your address with your pre-registered credit card details.

Mens e-Mag Thrillist informs us about the latest mobile phone service to help bachelors (and bachelorettes) all over the world (well, NYC) order their trusted meals in the click of a text. Thrillist says:

Delivery’s a convenience made onerous by the ineptitude of others, from the phone guy who makes you repeat your address thrice, to the delivery guy who doesn’t realize penny rolls are money. Automate your stay-at-home supping with… a NY-based service that uses text messaging to remove human error/annoyingness from the ordering process.

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