Remember when energy drinks were for athletes? In recent years, they’ve exhausted every other possible market–Pimp Juice and Who’s Your Daddy? (urban), Sparks (college), Gay Fuel (self-evident)–and have filtered into kid’s sippy cups. Bevnet reviews the latest, Kid Fuel (“Fuel Your Imagination!”), available in Grape, Raspberry, Kiwi-Strawberry and Orange:

The product presents itself as a naturally flavored water beverage and delivers well on that message. The product features 50 calories and 13g of sugar per bottle, which makes it on par with competing products. The flavor is derived from natural flavorings and tastes like watered down juice (although there’s no juice in the product). Our only concern is the use of preservatives, which could impact marketability. Packaging features a spill proof cap and a full wrap label that’s reasonably attractive. We’d suggest presenting a cleaner less cluttered image by dropping the cartoon characters at the top of the label. Otherwise, it’s one of the better tasting and looking products in the children’s beverage category.

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