Larry Lessig At TED On Copryright and Remix

Arts & Culture
Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 7 november 2007

In his talk at TED 2007, Larry Lessig tells stories about user generated content for business – he looks at the talking machines or phonograms and how it changed the 20th century from a read-write world to a read only. He also looks at property ownership and how planes flying over them challenged ancient trespass rights and how the courts overcame this argument as it did not make common sense.He goes on to say that digital technology allows the return of read-write culture. Amateur culture that produces for the love of what they’re doing. He gives examples of anime music videos and says kids’s taking and recreating to say things differently. The importance is not the technique – that the technique has been democratized. A $1500 computer allows tools of speech. This is how our kids speak, thing and are.Copyright law suggests that you are trespasser by using and remixing content. Common sense has not been applied. There is no balance.

  • He argues that we are living life against the law and that we need 2 type of changes:
  • Artists and creative embrace the ideas that their work is allowed to be used in a non commercial sense.
  • That business embraces this and not restrict it and see that the ‘free’ world builds business.


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