Local? Eco-Conscious New Yorkers Should Drink French Wine

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Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 7 november 2007

Here’s an interesting twist on the concept of Local that Treehugger spotted: a new study by ‘Dr Vino‘ has looked at wine distribution methods including container ships, trucks, and planes and suggests that residents on the US East Coast should buy French not Californian. Findings include:

Notable findings include:

  • Organic does not mean less carbon
  • Bigger is better: Go for the magnum, not the half bottle
  • Tetra-Pak or bag-in-a-box is better than glass
  • And the researchers say:

    “While “drink locally” is one finding that may not be problematic for residents of California or Bordeaux, it may give New Yorkers or Miamians pause… However, not all miles are the same, since shipping is better than trucking, which in turn is better than air freight, and packaging matters too. As a result, of our three bottles, despite coming from half-way around the world, consuming a glass of wine from a magnum of Yellow Tail has a third less carbon emissions per once than a cult winery from Napa. “

    Dr Vino

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