If the internet is supposed to be the great equalizer, Metrofunk.com wants to bring a little exclusivity back. Billing itself as “the world’s first invite-only social network devoted entirely to nightlife, fashion, film and music,” Metrofunk launched last Wednesday night with a party at NYC’s Stereo, complete with a very real-life velvet rope (not to mention red carpet).

Metrofunk.com has four verticals: nightlife, fashion, film and music. The fashion, music and film verticals assume that the users themselves will be designers, musicians, and filmmakers “peddling their wares” so to speak. But with so many sites actually devoted to those pursuits already (MySpace, IQONS, Amie Street…) we’re not sure how Metrofunk will fare in that regard. The nightlife component seems to have the most potential, as it allows users to aggregate and organize all their VIP invites in a semi-exclusive environment – sort of like Going.com for socialites and faux-cialites.

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