Mitsubishi recently showed off their 2009 i-MIEV Sport at the Tokyo Motor Show – finally a car we could see ourselves zipping around the city in. The car reaches 180kmh and can travel a maximum 200 klicks between charges. The car has some pretty interesting eco-power options:

Energy-saving environmental considerations are seen throughout the i MiEV SPORT. Effective use of energy is achieved by installing an auxiliary photovoltaic generator on the roof, a power-generating fan inside the front grill, and regenerative braking functions to recover energy when the car is slowing down. Much of the lighting is by bright, power-saving LEDs, including in the rear combination lamps and vehicle interior, and the efficiency of the air conditioning is enhanced by the use of heat-absorbing window glass. In addition, Green Plastic — Mitsubishi Motors’ unique plant-based resin technology — is used wherever possible for interior components in another nod to the environment.

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