Nonprofit Shopping Mall: Shop for a Cause

Nonprofit Shopping Mall: Shop for a Cause
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Orli Sharaby
  • 26 november 2007

Nonprofit Shopping Mall is a new service that turns your consumer dollars into charitable donations. The organization, started by soap opera actors Nicole Forester and Robert Newman, has partnered with a whole host of major online retailers (Target, Amazon, Home Depot, Bloomingdales, Expedia, Petco, iTunes, and the list goes on and on), who have pledged to donate a percentage of each purchase to the nonprofit of your choice. And there’s a list of a bazillion charitable organizations for you to choose from, from the ASPCA to Doctors Without Borders, from tiny local charities to huge global ones.

The website is completely transparent about what percentage of your purchase each retailer is donating, noting that iTunes is willing to hand over 2.5%, Target 5%, and something called KlinQ is pledging a very generous 10%. A shopper begins on Nonprofit Shopping Mall, choosing a charity and clicking through to a retailer. Tracking data is used to identify which shoppers came via Nonprofit Shopping Mall, and which charities they’ve chosen to donate to.

Nonprofit Shopping Mall

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