In this ever changing and dynamic world where consumer behavior, technology, brand power and fundamental business models are changing faster than ever before, nothing is more valuable than true insights.... Peep is a new research based company created especially for today’s and tomorrow’s marketeers and innovators utilizing proprietary methodology filtered through the lensof experienced socio-cultural researchers and consultants.

Some of you have asked about Peep. Peep is a new project that went through a very soft launch at the start of this week when I announced it at Future Trends 07.

Peep is a market research firm that PSFK is backing that will be run by experienced insights professional Maria Vrachnos.

PSFK will continue to concentrate on publishing and trends consultancy but the easiest way to see the divide is that PSFK doesn’t do consumer research. Peep allows PSFK to keep out of the market research market and let someone (Maria) with expertise to do that work.

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