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Joel Horowitz
  • 26 november 2007 has been a household name since 2000 among graphic-designers and t-shirt savvy hipsters – soon after catching-on with excited investors and copy-cat companies. We caught-up with Threadless’ Chief Creative Officer, Jeffrey Kalmikoff, and asked him a couple questions:

What have you been up to as of late?

Wow, that’s kind of a hard question! Let’s see… We (Threadless) recently opened our first retail store, our annual $10 holiday sale started today (November 19th), Jake and I recently merged our separate offices to increase productivity, I’ve spent about 30 hours over the last 3 months getting my arms completely tattooed, I’ve beaten Guitar Hero 3 on hard and almost beaten it on expert, and my wife and I are going to be moving to Boulder, Colorado next summer so Jake and I can start up a new skinnyCorp office. Whew!

What kind of changes are happening within your industry?

Well, if we’re talking the technology industry, I suppose there’s too many to list. Just lots of awesomeness abound! In the tee industry, things are pretty much the same. We’re humming along, knock-off sites are coming and going, and no one seems to be getting tired of wearing printed cotton on their torsos!

What’s currently inspiring you?

In the past year I’ve gotten really interested in industrial and interior design. When you spend all say designing community websites, it’s pretty interesting to think about design in a tangible sense that affect how people navigate space, or even live. It’s pretty awesome! Plus, cooking remains a constant (and delicious) source of information. Beyond that, my wife, my friends, my cats and my job!

What does the Threadless office smell like?

Right now the Threadless office smells like pears, but Jake has been eating them all morning. Usually it smells like sweat and determination. Honestly, this question reminded me so much of the “sex panther” scene from Anchorman, that now I think I’ll be watching that this evening. “60% of the time it works every time.”

Thanks, Jeffrey!

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