has been a household name since 2000 among graphic-designers and t-shirt savvy hipsters – soon after catching-on with excited investors and copy-cat companies. We caught-up with Threadless’ Chief Creative Officer, Jeffrey Kalmikoff, and asked him a couple questions:

What have you been up to as of late?

Wow, that’s kind of a hard question! Let’s see… We (Threadless) recently opened our first retail store, our annual $10 holiday sale started today (November 19th), Jake and I recently merged our separate offices to increase productivity, I’ve spent about 30 hours over the last 3 months getting my arms completely tattooed, I’ve beaten Guitar Hero 3 on hard and almost beaten it on expert, and my wife and I are going to be moving to Boulder, Colorado next summer so Jake and I can start up a new skinnyCorp office. Whew!

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