World of Datecraft: Finding Love in the Dungeon

World of Datecraft: Finding Love in the Dungeon
Allison Mooney
  • 14 november 2007

The younger generation is all about gaming–and multi-tasking. So the question inevitably arose: Why tear yourself away from a game of Warcraft to meet girls? Can’t you do both at once? Enter World of Datecraft, a website which “assists and facilitates the building of relationships between World of Warcraft enthusiasts” (according to their “cool Mission Statement“). Users can sign up to rate pictures, see events, chat in forums, enter contests, and, play online games (natch). But while some ChicksDigGames, the current male-to-female ratio on WoW is 6:1. Good luck guys.

However, the site really illustrates how the web is changing 1:1 relationships across the board. In 2005, 12% of American newlyweds met online thanks to the slew of dating sites out there. But recent polls show that the Internet can also be a love substitute = potential social dysfunction. So it’s encouraging that gamers are reaching out past their keyboards to make real-life social connections. This follows the larger trend in gaming of increased social interaction and group enablement. You can see it in the rise of the Wii, Halo team playing, gaming leagues, playing in theater spaces, even area/code‘s Big Games. Now people are connecting through games in many ways–even finding love. (Well, that actually remains to be seen.)

[via Valleywag]


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