BUG from Bug Labs is an open source, web-enabled, modular software and hardware platform that gives you the power to create a fully customized mobile device with the features you want (and none that you don’t). A little electronics and programming know-how is required, but assembling your own BUG is pretty intuitive. You’re given a basic module (essentially a Linux-based mobile computer) and add components as desired (maybe a geo-coding camera or a LCD touchscreen), the modular software customizable with a bit of coding. According to the site, Bug Labs intended to roll out the BUG by the end of the year, but it looks like tech-savvy DIYers will have to wait just a bit longer. Four add-ons – digital camera/videocam, color LCD touchscreen, GPS and an accelerometer/motion sensor – will be offered as part of the first BUG package, but no word on pricing yet. Watch this space for updates.

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