Key Points:

– The LA Times, a paper with a weekly circulation of 3.6 million and 5-11 million unique monthly visitors to its website, still faces the issue of establishing itself as a dynamic online go-to source, as almost all papers do: “Newspapers are in an interesting time trying to reinvent themselves online – and there is a lot to be done. The fundamental issue is that engagement on the site is lower than it should be – and it's flat.”

– LA Times' problem was not in how its readers felt about the brand (“Across the board in terms of neighborhood, ethnicity, education – any way you slice it, virtually all segments had very strong positive feelings for the brand….”); the challenge that became clear was that despite the strength of the brand – online people were not loyal to the site, and they were fairly random in their use of it. So we knew we had a really big issue to tackle.”

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