This Makes Us Feel All Warm and Fuzzy: Google Chat Translation Bots

Christine Huang
  • 19 december 2007

Google announced the addition of translation bots to their Google Talk client, meaning users can now IM in 30 different languages and have it translated (instantly, within chat) to their native language. The system is simple: users add the specific bot they need to their list of contacts in the format of [original_language]2[destination_language]@bot. So for example, if you wanted to translate what you’re saying from English to Simplified Chinese, you’d add en2zh@bot. as a friend and send it whatever texts you needed as an IM message. You can also add the bot to your group chat to serve as a translator.

Other abbreviations:

ar2en, en2ar (Arabic<->English)
bg2en (Bulgarian->English)
de2en, en2de (German<->English)
de2fr, fr2de (German<->French)
el2en, en2el (Greek<->English)
es2en, en2es (Spanish<->English)
fi2en (Finnish->English)
fr2en, en2fr (French<->English)
hi2en (Hindi->English)
hr2en (Croatian->English)
it2en, en2it (Italian<->English)
ja2en, en2ja (Japanese<->English)
ko2en, en2ko (Korean<->English)
nl2en, en2nl (Dutch<->English)
ru2en, en2ru (Russian<->English)
uk2en (Ukrainian->English)
ur2en (Urdu->English)
zh2en, en2zh (Chinese<->English)
For more, check this list.


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