Puma‘s newest two-wheel offering (set for release this Spring) is a street bike with all the fixings – and it’s glow-in-the-dark, too.  The single-gear bicycle, named the Puma Glow Rider, is manufactured by Biomega and will come in two shades, cream (which becomes green in the dark) and dark orange (which turns golden).  The Glow Rider is unique among its city-friendly peers – it is quickly and easily foldable (while equipped with off-road tires) and features a cable lock system that renders the bike unrideable when clipped. It also comes with twin-disc breaks, front and back lights, and for those who really like to match, a wind/water resistant jacket, t-shirt, and courier bag to top it all off. Riders will be able to find the Puma Glow Rider in select Puma stores come April.

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