Joel Sternfeld, a great American photographer, took what’s now a very famous series of photos of the High Line in all seasons, back in 2001. His photos quickly became our most important asset, people had never seen the top of the High Line, but here were those beautiful images of this mysterious found urban landscape, so different and hidden from the streets below. When people saw Joel’s photos, they understood what was so special about the High Line.

We’ve worked with a lot of artists since, and it’s great to see how each project draws on a different aspect of the High Line. We incorporate art into our education program at the Lab School in Chelsea — they’re planning a major High Line-related public art program in the Spring. We’ve held a lot of art auctions and gallery tours as fundraisers and free community events. And we’re working with Creative Time on an installation by Spencer Finch for the High Line, the first of a series of temporary art installations in the Chelsea Market loading dock area.

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