Pacific Ocean Added To California’s Power Supply

Pacific Ocean Added To California’s Power Supply
Joel Horowitz
  • 2 january 2008

Although reported a few weeks ago, it’s too exciting not to be mentioned today. Pacific Gas and Electric, Nothern California’s natural gas and electricity utility, will buy 100% environment-friendly electricity generated by currents in the Pacific Ocean beginning in 2010. The Los Angeles Times reports that although the amount of power generated at the start of the project will be small, its potential is great and can produce more energy “in less space than wind and solar power systems.”

The company behind the proposal is Vancouver-based Finavera Renewables, the first-ever recipient of a license for offshore wave energy collection from the U.S. Federal Energy Commission.

Like any alternative energy competing against fossil-fuels, it won’t come cheap. And there are concerns the technology could disrupt fishing and boating industries, plus a few pretty good surf spots. But the obstacles to producing cleaner energy today seem minor in comparison to its benefits in the future.

LATimes – PG & E To Get Watts From Waves

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