Smart clothes is something we've been following for a while now, but Italy-based Smartex seems to be the first serious contender in the market. Cofounded by Danilo De Rossi (a biomedical engineer) the clothing design/engineering company offers equal parts function and fashion with their e-hanced outfits. Most of Smartex's smart clothes rely on yarn made from strands of conductive steel spun with cotton or polyester fibers, but that look and move very similar to regular cotton blends. De Rossi's “Wealthy” suit (a loose acronym for “wearable health care system”) has electrodes as well as conductive leads woven in, powered by a tiny embedded lithium battery – yet the one-piece unitard is machine washable and could be easily mistaken for a regular body suit. However, the complexity of making truly wearable smart clothes is not limited to just look and feel. As WIRED explains:

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