Today we came across two equally interesting, but totally conflicting, stories about water. One pointed us to a collaboration between Christian Lacroix and Evian, in which the celebrated fashion designer has created two limited-edition glass water bottles, one representing pret-a-porter and the other representing couture. Gorgeous bottles both, but it seemed to us a little excessive given the current debate over whether we should even be drinking bottled water nowadays at all.

Then, thankfully, Treehugger alerted us to a new kind of “bottled” water available from Park City Ice Water, a Utah-based producer that's selling something called the GlacierPak, which is a bag-like container of spring water that kind of reminds us of our childhood favorite Capri Sun. According to the company, GlacierPak packaging requires 75 percent less energy to produce, and is recyclable. If it is not recycled, it takes up 96 percent less landfill space.

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