I know it says 'trends' at the top of the page, but we really didn't know a better descriptor when we started this site of ideas nearly four years ago. It's only by looking back, we realized why we get up at 6 in the morning to do this: to inspire our readers and clients to make change.... I know a lot of people use PSFK and other blogs for research for their work and we're thankful that they find it so useful, but just because you use it thus, doesn't mean we should tailor it thus.

My piece on the lack of green awareness at the CES yesterday has caused some debate in the comments section and in the office here. One of the key accusations is that ‘who are we to be a green crusader when we write about gadgets and other consumer goods anyway’ and the team here were concerned that we were being misunderstood.

PSFK’s aim is to inspire our readers to make change to make things better. Better sometimes means ‘good/world-saving’ and sometimes just means ‘better/world-changing’.

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