Agency Biz: Is Working On Soda Like Working On Tobacco

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 27 february 2008

This post is a much amended post. We mixed a piece of new information with a piece of old news (that was being spread by the web) and then we took a swipe at W+K and Coke. How could we, eh? It was something to do with packaging and advertising. We got a little walloping in response. And maybe we shouldn’t have taken the two stories and made the suggestion that cool packaging for Coke was not good for the environment. Anyway, there was something in the post we’ll keep – it was a question to the readers:

Should ad agencies have a similar moral decision when it comes to soda as they do to tobacco? At the end of the day, is W+K’s helping pump a lot of rather dangerous Corn Syrup down a lot of young folks mouths – and should they care?

Answers below, people! (some comments may not make any sense now)

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