Visitors to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, will soon have the chance to marvel at the theme park’s conception of the “House of the Future” – a future that is evidently free of any concern for consumption or sustainability. The 5,000-square-foot attraction, to open in May, will have a suburban tract home interior, filled with several well-worn ideas of the future including touch-screen systems, a wardrobe that helps you pick outfits, and “smart” furniture (like kitchen countertops that identify the food set on top of them and make meal suggestions – finally!). Microsoft, HP and homebuilder Taylor Morrison are among Disney’s collaborators for the $15 million Innoventions Dream Home, so guests should expect to see plenty of their renderings of forward-thinking technology in the house. Like NAHB’s disappointingly unprogressive choice for their “New American Home,” we’re pretty underwhelmed by Disney’s projection of the lifestyle of tomorrow. We understand that most  Disneyland visitors will want to see the niftiest, future-tastic gadgets in the “House of the Future.” But it would have been great to see some more original (and more realistic) thinking about tomorrow’s home, perhaps some eco-friendly technologies, modular and space-optimizing solutions, sustainable building materials… things that actually reflect what the home of tomorrow should look like.

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