One of the last ‘fair use’ projects that Lawrence Lessig is working on before he turns his attention to politicians, is a battle between a small book publisher and JK Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series. It promises to be a battle that, if Lessig is successful, puts the publishing industry in check and allows new forms of creativity to thrive. And if he fails, allows the publishing industry to continue its unfair rewriting of copyright law.

The case centers around a blogger who has been running a fan site called the Harry Potter Lexicon who has decided to publish it as a companion book to the Harry Potter series. The site covers Harry Potter essays, mistakes, terminology, timelines and other Harry Potter trivia. Rowling and her publishers have ignored the site author Vander Ark until now – because they deem that he’s making a profit out of the genre. (Ignored is perhaps not the best word, if you check the clear legal text at the bottom of the site, we could assume that the owner has already been harassed by the Rowling legal team).

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