Temple nightclub in San Francisco is joining the ranks of a handful of clubs around the world who are going green. In 2004, owner Paul Hemming set his sights on creating the greenest nightclub in the world – since then, every facet of the business “adheres to the triple bottom line of People, Profit and Planet.”

According to Mike Zuckerman, Director of Sustainability for the club:

We started with consumables, the no brainers. Compostable cups, straws, all corn starch based. We recycle our bottles and we compost our food. The easiest things to implement are the ones with immediate financial returns. We get rebates and receive credits on our waste bills by keeping up good recycling and composting practices. We try to take the decision making out of the partiers hands when they get to the venue so all they need to think about is having a good time.

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