Social Networks and Music Discovery

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Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 27 february 2008

Wired has some hurried notes from a panel at a conference called Digital Music Forum East where music experts talked about how the kids find music. Probably the most interesting (and forthcoming) panelist was Ali Partovi, CEO, of iLike. Some of his comments highlight how he sees people sharing and recommending music:

We try to balance machine-based and human-based filtering. People gravitate towards the friend thing more though — maybe it’s because we have such a young demographic. Or maybe people are more social than was previously realized.

When you find something you like, the first instinct is to share it with somebody else. iLike facilitates this. It means social networks are here to stay. Email is a social network, IM is a social network, but MySpace and Facebook are better attuned to the types of behavior that humans want to do.
Live music is an even more social experience. The next question is, my favorite band is coming to town, who do I want to go to the show with?

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