As the web expands exponentially, we’re seeing more and more services and sites that cull content for readers. Beyond blogs, they are more like hyper-aggregators, RSS feeds with editorial judgment. A new one we’re eager to check out is Sproutwire. Aimed at the budding businessperson, it offers “a daily dose of the best small business articles that the internet has to offer.”

Co-founder Shane Pearlman essentially started the site for people like himself. “I have an RSS reader with 3,256 unread articles, a wife who makes it clear that she is as important as the business, a business that keeps trying to dominate my life, and a compulsive surf habit.,” he says. “I just can’t keep up with the Internet fire hose, let alone find great content among the barrage of crap. In the end, I seem only to find time for the links my friends send me.” So he and his partner Peter developed Sproutwire to offer good small business content–from blogs, newspapers, ebooks, presentation slides, journals, audio & video, newsletters, etc—“vetted by people we trust (not the 10,000 angry teens on digg).”

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