ImprovEverywhere‘s latest stunt: making time stop at the world's biggest train station. For this flash mob event, over 200 improvers crowded the main concourse of Grand Central Station, and at the same exact time suddenly – froze. In place, frozen in motion, confusing the hundreds of commuters and station attendees around them. ImprovEverywhere last made headlines with their “No Pants! Subway Ride” stunt, in which 900 New Yorkers and nearly 2,000 others pantsed themselves on subways in 10 cities around the world. As entertaining as that was, there's something a little more charming about their Grand Central act. Maybe it's the subtlety of it; or maybe it's that a few otherwise can't-be-bothered New Yorkers were stopped in their tracks and forced to suspend their disbelief, if just for a second. Watch the video below:

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