Today Treehugger brought our attention to the National Association of Home Builders‘ egregiously inappropriate choice for this year’s New American Home, an honor intended to highlight a housing design that “makes an important – and very positive – statement about the future of home building” – something that has a lot of room for innovation in light of today’s housing market crisis. But as the photos of the behemoth mansion reveal, this year’s winner is a far cry from what the future of home design should and most likely will be. The “plantation-style house,” located in a 11-lot, gated development near a private golf and country club community, takes over 6,725 square feet and features a good handful of excessive, eco-negligent amenities (like the oversized torch lamps that garnish an outdoor pool and spa, and the decorative palm trees flanking the house’s front entrance). According to NAHB, the New American Home “is part of an initiative to test new concepts demonstrating “Builders Best Practices” using innovative building materials, cutting-edge design, and the latest construction techniques, providing production homebuilders with an example for producing more energy efficient, durable homes without sacrificing style.” Hm.

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