So what exactly does the SDK contain? Gizmodo boiled down the specs better than we could (tried… failed):

• Apple combined mouse and keyboard Cocoa with our multitouch knowledge to build Cocoa touch for the iPhone SDK. • Core OS has the OS X Kernel, Lib System, BSD TCP/IP, Sockets, Security, Power Mgmt, Keychain, Certificates, File System, Bonjour • Took everything we knew about creating stuff with Cocoa and everything about a touch API for iPhone to build Cocoa Touch • Cocoa is great, but based on mouse & keyboard input • Used all of the above (except Cocoa) for iPhone OS • Cocoa, Media, Core Services, CoreOS • Has all audio/video capabilities: Core Audio, OpenAL, Audio Mixing, Audio Recording, Video Playback, JPG/PNG/TIFF, PDF, Quartz (2D) Core Animation, OpenGL ES • “The Media layer is everything you’d expect from Apple” • Also include SQLite, Core Location • Cocoa Touch: Multi-Touch events/controls, Accelerometer, View Hierarchy, Localization, Alerts, Web View, People Picker, Image Picker, Camera • Everything is hardware accelerated for performance and long battery life • OpenGL ES is the embedded version of OpenGL, “absolute screamer” on the iPhone • Started there and enhanced it to work with the iPhone • Xcode is our dev environment and what we use to build everything for Mac OS X • “This is the architecture of the iPhone OS. It is the most advanced platform out there for mobile devices. We are YEARS ahead of any other platform for mobile devices.” • Integrated documentation, “Shipping a lot of great documentation with the SDK, and you can access it within the software” • Project management, integrated source control • Xcode will now code complete for the APIs in the SDK • Can connect to iPhone like the remote debugger and see live performance of your app on your Mac from the iPhone • Instruments: “Comprehensive suite of performance analysis tools” • Do code connections within Interface Builder, connect it right to the code • All the controls from Cocoa Touch are built right into Interface Builder • Interface Builder: “Makes building your user interface as simple as drag-and-drop” • Remote debugger–plug in your iPhone, run it on the iPhone live, but debug from the Mac • Run your iPhone app in the simulator on your Mac, works great side-by-side with Xcode • Introducing brand new iPhone dev tool: iPhone Simulator • See peaks and valleys, realtime data, timeline view, multiple data tracks

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