Greenpeace Ranks Green Gadgets at CeBit

Greenpeace Ranks Green Gadgets at CeBit
Design & Architecture
Allison Mooney
  • 17 march 2008

Greenpeace has been pushing the “Green IT” movement for awhile now through awareness campaigns and lots (and lots) of rankings, surveys, etc. At CeBit, though, activists went a little bit guerrilla, erecting a giant robot made from electronic components at the entrance of the world’s largest electronics fair. The protest was supposed to remind the industry leaders that it cannot continue to ignore the mountain of toxic waste coming from their products nor the serious environmental impacts and human health consequences.

“It’s not enough just to offer a green computer for the tree-huggers. Environmentally friendly devices must become a general trend and dominate mass production,” said one Greenpeace rep. Indeed, it’s more than just tree-huggers who want to buy green. Eco-consciousness has gone mainstream, and it will become increasingly important for electronics brands to focus on reducing waste and toxins if they want to succeed as a 21st generation company.

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