Lego Touch: Millions of Bricks Right In Your Pocket

Lego Touch: Millions of Bricks Right In Your Pocket
Adrian Lai
  • 6 march 2008

Nicholas Panas directs us to a Lego application concept he’s created for the iPhone SDK. It’s a great example of the types of apps we might expect to see in the near future, with the newly unveiled SDK.

“Lego Touch” aims to bridge the creativity of Lego with the portability of Mobile, without any compromise. In his demo, Panas proposes being able to “touch and build while on the move, moving from finger to brick to creation.” Users can also save, share and challenge friends to Build-offs. Looks like great fun, and perhaps an indication that we’re at the cusp of a wave of creativity and innovation that’s going to be possible through the new iPhone SDK.

Lego Touch

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