Having tracked the rise of co-working for a while now, we're really looking forward to our Collaborative Co-Working session at PSFK Conference New York. Entrepreneur and scientist Andrew Hoppin will be one of our panelists, sharing his insights on how he's helped implement a collaborative, open system of working and training at NASA. Here's a bit more about Andrew and where he finds his inspiration.

First, who are you and what do you do?

Though a planetary geologist and environmental scientist by training, I was asked to return to NASA in 2006 because of my decade of experience as a social entrepreneur, Web strategist and grassroots political organizer. There, I created NASA CoLab, which builds collaborative communities for NASA, online and offline, in service of a more transparent and efficient Federal government. As in this example, my life’s practice is to connect people, organizations and communities to one another in novel ways that empower them to make a profound difference for one another. I’m also working on towards making human beings a multi-planetary species sooner rather than later, for within that vast new context I believe we’ll innately do a far better job of caring for our home planet and for each other. And it’ll be fun.

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