RFID Carpets

RFID Carpets
Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 18 march 2008

RFID Journal have announced winners of their awards for the most innovative use of RFID. Interface Flor, the world’s largest producer of commercial carpets, finished ahead of WiWait, which allows you to order and pay for coffee or fast food remotely and have your items waiting for you when you enter the store.

Interface Flor has developed a method for embedding RFID sensors in carpet tiles, creating the world’s first multi-functional intelligent floor. The RFID-enabled floor system provides daily information on when and where maintenance was done. With additional embedded sensors temperature and moisture in a room or building can be measured, providing feedback the health the building. The Intelligent Flor also enables robotic maintenance by providing tracking and localization, which can increase efficiency, lower labor cost and decrease chemical consumption.

We can’t find any information on the site… but watch this space.

Interface Flor
RFID Journal Awards


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