Sony’s New Spectacle: Foam City

Sony’s New Spectacle:  Foam City
  • 12 march 2008

Where were you the first time you saw 250,000 bouncy balls fly through the streets of San Francisco; watched 70,000 liters of paint explode from a sky high building in Glasgow; witnessed a Play–Doh bunny parade in the center of town? One company was hoping you were sitting in front of your Sony Bravia Television and calling your friends on your Sony Erickson and passing the videos via Sony Vaio laptop.

Now the minds behind the above spectacles thought it was about time to outdo themselves once more. This time, they decided to take over Miami, though “Miami” wouldn’t return production’s phone calls as they thought they were having a prank pulled on them.

Sony and Fallon UK kept in thinking with their current global campaign Like No Other and created an event like no other: Foam City. Exactly as it sounds, Sony shut down the better part of downtown Miami and filled the streets, parks and people, even, with bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles.

PSFK had the opportunity to watch the event take place, and were overwhelmed with the visual feast the bubbles provided. So were the 200 locals given Sony gear and loosed upon the foam. Simon Ratigan, the commercial’s director commented on the undertaking, saying:

We came out here not knowing exactly what was going to happen, but the response has been magical. People respond exceedingly well to the foam and are instantly drawn to it. There are children making foam angels and it seems everyone wants to touch, play or take pictures. Its all come very organically. There is an immediate sense of enjoyment.

A couple of fun facts: A bubble professor with over 15 years in the bubble business was consulted for the mission, the foam machine used could fill an Olympic swimming pool in a matter of seconds and, in case you were worried, the solution used was 100% biodegradable and non-hazardous to people, animals and the environment.

Watch out for more reports and photos from our visit to the shoot on PSFK’s IF!
Sony Bravia

Image via Commercial-Archive

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