SOOPZ Testing Network

SOOPZ Testing Network
Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 19 march 2008

Springwise alerts us to a system blogger Blake Killian has set up which helps food companies spread samples through the blogging community. Through the SOOPZ network, brands can send Blake products and he’ll pass them on to 200 bloggers who are part of his network. Blake’s site says:

SOOPZ is a network of food bloggers. Ever so often, we’ll get approached by someone who wants to raise awareness for their food products online (like me and my dulce). The SOOPZ network is perfect for this, because I haven’t met a food blogger yet that doesn’t love free food.

Over time, the network will grow and the amount of food we give away will increase. For now, we’re a happy family of about 200 food bloggers (we call them Sooper Heroes) ready to taste some of what you’ve got. Want to become a Sooper Hero?


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