The Lost Ring: Alternate Reality Game

The Lost Ring: Alternate Reality Game
John Keehler
  • 17 march 2008

The Lost Ring is an alternate reality game sponsored by McDonald’s and the International Olympic Committee. You may be familiar with Alternate Reality Games used recently for marketing purposes, such as Audi’s Art of the Heist, or more recently, to promote the ABC hit series LOST.

While the purpose of The Lost Ring isn’t revealed just yet, it’s basic purpose is to ask the question: What are the Olympics? However, it leaves us wondering if we really know. There’s a great beginner’s guide to The Lost Ring ARG that sums it up fairly well:

“There’s a history to the Olympics that’s been hidden for centuries, even millennia – a set of events dating back to ancient Greece that were erased and long forgotten. And today, six amnesiatic strangers woke up in various places (forms of Labyrinths, no less) around the world wearing athletic garments, and tattooed with the phrase “Trovu la ringon perditan” – “Find the lost ring”. Now they’re seeking our help to find out who they are, where they’re from, what their purpose is, and just what the heck is going on around here.”

It appears that all the stops have been pulled out for this ARG, with a wealth of content and a number of notable creators with previous ARG experience. There doesn’t appear to be a real connection to McDonald’s, but that only makes the game better!

It’s imperative that you begin your exploration into this ARG by watching the YouTube trailer that’s the entry into the game. Then delve even deeper by visiting:, and find your bearings by using this great Lost Ring wiki, which tracks clues and the progress of the game.

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