The Observer magazine this weekend offered their list of the World's 50 most powerful blogs with the Huffington Post, Boing Boing and Techchrunch unsurprisingly taking the top three spots. There is however no explanation as to how the blogs have been judged, and with lolcat site icanhasacheezburger ranking at 8th on the list ahead of Gawker and Engadget, it can only be assumed that it is down to page views rather than any defined power or societal impact. The list makes for an interesting read, with a range of sites from the expected: Perezhilton, Drudgereport, Treehugger, to the less-exposed Studentsforafreetibet, and intellectual superblog Crookedtimber, as well as PSFK friend and conference speaker Hugh MacLeod's Gapingvoid in at no 31. But mostly it's a list of fashion, gossip and personal lives- a sad but true reflection on what the world is choosing to read.

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