For lots of people, bicycle riding is more than a mode of transportation, it’s a full blown lifestyle, complete with its own fashion code. But till now, that’s usually meant either triathletes wearing spandex, or bike messengers wearing 90’s-inspired grunge.

Not to leave the gentlemen out, because we’re sure there are lots of dapper lads out there zipping down the bike lane, but suddenly there’s a new crop of treehugging females who have taken it upon themselves to give bicycle riding a much-needed aesthetic makeover. Cycle Chic, based in London, is one organization determined to bring back the old-world, romantic quality bicycling used to have. The website provides tips & advice for biking safety and a bike buying guide, coupled with fashion pointers such as the one about “swishy skirts” (see above) being not only a big trend for 2008 but also “comfortable and cooling to cycle in, perfect for the spring and summer.”

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