Alternative Afterlifestyles: Affordable, Green, Innovative

Alternative Afterlifestyles: Affordable, Green, Innovative
Arts & Culture
Jason Tan
  • 3 april 2008

According to it’s official website, the Great Pyramid Monument – a highly ambitious project that intends to commemorate the lives of the future dead on a per brick basis – now has 1,079 reservations. The open name reserve list, which includes a brick buyer’s nationality, indicates global demand exists (46 countries are represented so far) to be one of the structure’s future building blocks. The foreign interest is impressive considering that the pyramid will most likely be built in a small town in Eastern Germany (Dessau is the favorite). Primary motivations to pay 700 euros for a spot include being part of a potential historical landmark, a sense of universal egalitarian community and customization options (on color, content and epitaph).

Other affordable and innovative personalized burial alternatives to the embalming-casket package are emerging. Green burials are naturally getting popular thanks to the eco-conscious trend. This is complimented by the planting of “living memorials” on the burial site and even GPS coordinates in some cases. Designer urns are also said to be picking up in demand. Elsewhere, “Enviroboard” coffins are being offered in countries such as New Zealand. Again, there is an element of customization here as the coffins can be easily painted on. There’s even a paper coffin business plan based in the Philippines where about 90% of the population struggle to find decent burial options.

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