Bike Allowance

Bike Allowance
Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 15 april 2008

John Winsor points to news that city council leaders in Boulder, Colorado, have been given a special allowance for riding bikes to and from work. The local Daily Camera says:

When the Boulder City Council decided to offer its new city attorney a $2,000 “bicycle allowance” last week, it came as a surprise even to the recipient.

“It’s not something I expected,” said Jerry Gordon, who was appointed to the post on Tuesday. “I sometimes ride a bike to work, and I certainly will sometimes use a bike on weekends. But this is the world headquarters of serious bicyclists, and I don’t consider myself in that group.”

Employees in three [top] positions are the only ones eligible for the bicycle allowance, although other city employees receive bus passes and some have access to “pool” bicycles and cars, said Eileen Gomez, the city’s human relations chief.

The allowance is $2,000 which would buy a rather smart road racing bike any government official could expect to own for very long.

Daily Camera

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