A lengthy piece in the ‘City of Sound' blog by Dan Hill, Director of Web & Broadcast for Monocle between 2007-2008, describes his approach at integrating the web into the publishing process while retaining high quality standards.

Monocle was conceived as a multi-platform brand from the start….We wanted to make Monocle a journalism brand that you had a weekly relationship with via the internet, as well as the monthly relationship via the magazine. Ultimately, this should be daily, if aspirations come to fruition. This weekly relationship would be through a form of broadcast media, using the internet’s ability for distributing video – something enabled only in the last couple of years, effectively – and thus conveying the sense of a Monocle broadcast news element, complementing the ‘book’. The challenge was to create a working environment that would produce it, and then an online environment that could distribute it.

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