A few years ago, singer-songwriter Doug Levitt took a bus across the US, recorded his stories in diaries, took photos and wrote and performed songs as he waited for connecting buses. Then he did it again and again. His site, douglevitt.com is a collection of music and spoken-word videos from his time traveling and he links to his album on iTunes and his book on Amazon. In a recent interview in Billboard magazine he says that he senses a shift in his creative offering:

“I consider myself a musician first, but there’s a shift toward being a multiplatform artist,” the 36-year-old says. Levitt has been moving forward with licensing opportunities and is in talks with TV producer Bryn Freedman (A&E’s “Intervention”) about bringing “The Greyhound Diaries” to cable. He has already released a “Greyhound Diaries” EP, and is planning to release a timely full-length disc by September.

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