Notes from Transcriber:

It’s not like you push a button and from 8-9 you’re creative. Creativity comes sporadically and in waves. Sometimes I’m extremely creative when I’m in a plane. Not because of the food, but because I’m relaxed (when I travel the world and the US for fun and business reasons) – I just came back from India and so far, nothing. Not like the food wasn’t interesting. I try to not force my mind to create when I’m not feeling it. Lately our menu is very Asian. I went to Hong Kong and Japan a few years ago. And from day one, it came in very subtle ways. 80% of the main course is Asian influenced. 10 years ago 80% was Italian. I storage ideas, feelings mixed with the food and then it comes back and it bombards me. Sometimes it’s in the middle of the night. I always have a pen and paper and make notes, then I make listings of those notes, and then from those ideas we test it. Most of the time we discard it and end up with a small percentage.

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