Grant McCracken has published more thinking on his ‘just-enough' theory on his site ‘This Blog Sits At'. He says that there is a new consumer aesthetic struggling to be born – that some consumers, even very rich ones, now want just enough:

Just enough is audible even in the start-up world of small business. Old entrepreneurs used to talk about scaling up till they could sell out. We wanted to get as big as possible to sell for as much as possible. New entrepreneurs talk about getting big enough to “get comfortable.” And the idea is not to sell out but to sit tight. A small winery, small software company, small consultancy, that's fine. That's just enough. In the case of Hollywood, everyone used to want to be Steven Spielberg. Now some of them, Fey included, what to be Christopher Guest. “Just live your life, make hilarious movies with your friends, and then go home.”

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