Transcriber Notes:

It’s always been about the content. I haven’t been able to sit through an episode of anything on Hulu. The idea of re-purposing the idea of TV into things like Juice, at the end of the day I watch Geek Brief, download it from iTunes, watch it on my iPod. It’s not compelling on my TV. Why, when I can turn on HBO and watch The Wire. I’m not interested in watching 300 on the iPod screen. When I’m in front of my computer, I really want to interact. When we’re developing something over the internet, always stop ourselves and say if what we’re creating can be burned and replicated, we’re not there yet. A show like Lost, the fans spend more time online tearing it apart than actually sitting in front of the TV. That happened because of the style. What about a show that doesn’t exist until the audience pieces it together with tools they have online/.

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