Rei Kawakubo Designs for H&M

Rei Kawakubo Designs for H&M
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Orli Sharaby
  • 7 april 2008

We’re big fans of Rei Kawakubo and the fashion empire she’s built without ever compromising her crazy creative visions. She’s kind of like the godmother of modern Japanese fashion. Constantly breaking the rules, her Comme des Garcons label and its various offshoots somehow continue to sell, allowing Kawakubo to take ever more chances.

So we were pretty delighted to hear that this fall, Kawakubo will be the guest designer for H&M, producing a line of men’s, women’s, and even some children’s clothes. There will be a unisex fragrance in the mix too, which isn’t surprising given that fragrance is one of Comme des Garcons’ fortes. Like other designers before Kawakubo, this capsule collection will be a great way for Comme des Garcons to raise name recognition and build a consumer base outside of Japan.

Rei Kawakubo says:

“I have always been interested in the balance between creation and business. It is a dilemma, although for me creation has always been the first priority. It is a fascinating challenge to work with H&M, since it is a chance to take the dilemma to its extreme and try and solve it.”

H&M creative advisor Margareta van den Bosch says:

“Rei Kawakubo has been at the top of our wish list for a long time and we are thrilled that she has chosen to collaborate with us.”

The collection will be unveiled in early November at the grand opening of H&M’s second store in Tokyo, and will roll out in global markets a few days later.

[picture from Comme des Garcons autumn 2008 collection]

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