The Rise of Megacities and the Robots that Consume the Suburbs

The Rise of Megacities and the Robots that Consume the Suburbs
Jeff Squires
  • 16 april 2008

robot blueprint
OK – admittedly, this is a pretty crazy idea, but one which we simply couldn’t pass up. Anticipating a somewhat post-apocalyptic future where humans have been forced to live in mega-cities and where the worlds suburbs have become desolate, inaccessible relics of past – Australian architect, Andrew Maynard and his team have concepted a giant robot that will re-claim the formerly inhabited regions and restore them to their natural state via massive robots.

Maynard’s site describes the beast:

CV08 is a robot that consumes the abandoned suburbs through its front 2 legs. It processes the materials and fires off compacted recycling missiles to awaiting recycling plants. CV08’s middle legs and one rear leg follow the front legs to terra-form the newly revealed earth with native Flora and Fauna. Vast stocks of the Flora and Fauna are stored within CV08 in carbonite sleep until they are required to colonise what was previously suburban wasteland.

While the final product may be a bit far fetched, much of the concept is based on topics and ideas frequently discussed right here on these pages.

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